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Microsoft, 2018, Wardrobe Production Assistant

Leatherman, 2018, Production Assistant

Ocean Spray, 2018, Production Assistant

Nixon Watches, 2018, Production Assistant

Parker Media - Holiday, 2018, Actor

Portland Community College, 2017, Art Production Assistant



Currently working in the art department at the stop motion animation studio Laika, I also do freelance directing, editing and production design.

I have four years of filmmaking experience and I hold an associate degree and a certificate in Video Production from Portland Community College.



Shrill Season 1 - Hulu, 2019, Office/Set/Wardrobe Production Assistant

Documentary Now Season 3 - IFC , 2019, Production Intern

Trinkets - Netflix,  2019, Art/Wardrobe Production Assistant

Laurelhurst webisodes 2 & 3, 2019, HMU, Wardobe

Perfectionists - Freeform, 2019, Office Production Assistant

Liftmaster - HGTV, webisode, 2018, Art Production Assistant

Sex Sells - Fusion TV, 2017, Production Assistant 



First Cow (in post), Wardrobe Production Assistant

Evil F***ing Clowns, short film, 2018, Art Assistant

Human Goes to Party, short film, 2018, Co-Writer/Co-Composer/Extra

Unsung Heroes, short Documentary, 2018, Set Production Assistant

Two Silver Catfish - Angel 11, music video (in post), Director of Photography

Try Again - Mordecai, music video (in post),  Director, Producer, Co-Editor

The Suggestion, raw footage for PCC, 2018, Director

The Commodity, short film (in post), Casting Assistant

Unicorn, short film 2018 (10 Festival Selections), Production Designer

In A Made Up World, short film 2018 (2 Festival Selections), Production Assistant

Massively Relaxing, 2018 (2 Festival Selections), Director, Director of Photography, Editor

Breathe Grease - Municipal Waste, music video, 2018, Art Production Assistant

Mr. Peterson, short film 2017 (2 Festival Selections), Set Dresser

Missing - Nevada Lacy, music video, 2017, Director, Editor

Secret Bonsai, short film 2017, Art Production Assistant

Fite Nite, 2017, Assistant Director

One - Nevada Lacy, music video 2017, Director, Editor

Parasite, short film 2017 Director, Director of Photography, Co-Composer, Editor

Live Event Coverage


Lose Yr Mind Fest, 2017, Camera Operator

Exposed and Dismissed, 2018, Camera Operator

Jake Capistran and the Gunslingers, 2017, Camera Operator

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