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Who  I  Am

I am a filmmaker, musician and artist from Reno, NV and Davis, CA living currently in Portland, OR.

I love creating and collaborating in many ways but within the field of filmmaking my primary focuses are directing and editing while in music it is singing.

I believe both film and music should be full-body experiences.  You should feel them in your bones, your blood and your soul. 

I strive to create visceral worlds, dreamscapes and doorways to other dimensions that hold the power to heal those who enter them.



I have always been swept away by films. I found at a very young age that they were portals into worlds that not only fueled my imagination, but helped me to develop my personal philosophies and taught me a great deal about the world. 

I have been focussed on art since I was old enough to hold a pencil and have explored many art forms including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and music. In high school I took a video class and fell in love with the process of combining visual art with audio.  I made a series of music videos for class and then began an internship at the local access television station to get more hands on experience with cameras, lighting, live editing and directing. 


In 2016 I began the multimedia/video production program at Portland Community College and gained hands-on skills in directing, assistant directing, lighting, cinematography, editing, web design and animation. I graduated in 2018 with an associates degree and a certificate in Video Production.

Currently I am a graphic designer at Laika Studios and continue to make films, music and other art.

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