"Astral Travel ASMR" 

Director, Editor, Sound Design


* Wear headphones to fully appreciate the gentle breeze, crinkles, whispers, tapping and water sounds. In the first episode of Astral Travel ASMR we explore the contrasting environments of a peaceful river and a burned down building by focussing on the sounds and textures of found objects and nature. We invite you quiet your mind and travel with us on this relaxing journey.



All of the videos in this reel are projects that I directed and edited.


"Massively Relaxing ; An Exploration of ASMR" 

This short documentary explores the concept of ASMR as a culture, a therapy, and a community through interviews with Whispers Red, Whisper Lodge and therapist Annie Wright.

Director, Cinematographer, Editor


Nov 3, 2018 45th NW Filmmaker's Festival


April 15, 2018 Barcelona Planet Film Festival

"Parasite" 2016

Writer, Director, Production Designer, Director of Photography, Gaffer, Special FX Makeup, Sound Design


"Aviation Science" 2017

A short bio on Aviation Science instructor Mike Bamberg of Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon.

Director, Editor

Music Videos


"Try Again" 2018

Director, Production Designer, Editor

Nevada Lacy

"Missing" 2017

Director, Production Designer, Editor,  Makeup

"Primitive Bliss" 2016
Actor, Makeup, Camera Op.

behind the scenese

Inventive dollying and a wrap on the 48h
Another #bts of the lovely _kanonbananon
What an amazing experience this weekend
Turning people into carnies today on the
So stoked that Unicorn is playing in it’
Angel looking very Fairuza Balk  during
Two amazing ladies who helped make #TheS
Steve #unicornshortfilm #filmmaking #mov
Art department portrait by _futrochristo
That’s a wrap on the _mordecaipdx #music
I found this cube that gives me super po
 Ryan Fukuhara
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